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Southern Grace J Kate Belle 3*M

ADGA D2084500

AGS D-102507

S: ELITE Sinai Thunder O Jubilee *B *S
SS: SG Cedar View Olivero +*B +*S, LA: VEV 88,
2 x ADGA Elite Buck (with his first crop) (Cedar View Josephus *B x SGCH Cedar View Isabella 4*M EEEE91, 4x ADGA ELITE Doe, 2015 & 2016 ADGA Top Ten Breed Leader, 4x GCH, 4x BOB, 3x BU, 1x Supreme Udder, 1x BIS)
SD: Sinai Thunder AG Lizzie Bell 2*M 2*D AR VEEE90, All-American Yearling, AGS Breed Leader Overall Score, Top 10 ADGA & AGS Breed Leader. 1000#+ Milker (Olson Acres RC Augustine ++*B ++*S AR/HS x CapraKoza TT Schokolade *M *D AR VEEV88 also an All-American 2x GCH, 1x BIS, Top 10 AGS Milker, multiple categories. 3 of her daughters have milked just shy of, or surpassing 1000#)

​Dam: Buffalo Clover Kate 2*M 2*D (LA: VEEV 87)
DS: Kae Bar TE Cad Coupe +B - LA: VEE 89
DD: PGCH Buffalo Clover Princess *D - 5 x GCH Senior Doe, 4 x RsCH Senior Doe, 7 x Best Udder, 2010 ADGA National Show: 5th Place in 5-6-year-old class, 2008 NDGA National Show: CH Senior Doe)


DOB 11/28/2019
Brown Eyes, Disbudded


Past Breedings


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