Muscovy Ducks

  • "Quackless" but they do make cooing and  hissing noises for various reasons.

  • Males grow 10 to 15lbs (the largest was 22lbs!) while females grow 6 to 8lbs.

  • Males are called Drakes, Females are called Hens. 

  • They are omnivores, eating things such as ticks, termites, millipedes, crickets, grasshoppers, small fish, various plants, and even flies and mosquitoes.

  • They have strong claws that help them climb and move around on land.

  • Can breed on land or in water.

  • Good brooders and mothers and will sit on clutches of around 15 eggs for 35 days, only leaving the nest once a day for food and water.

  • Males often help with raising and protecting the chicks. He stays close to the nest in case of danger and helps to teach the chicks how to forage and hunt for food. 

  • They are the only domesticated duck that is not derived from mallards. Leading some people to believe that they are not truly a duck. 

  • Dual purpose (eggs and meat) breed.

  • Duck eggs contain more albumin than chicken eggs which makes fluffier pastries, making them a go to for baking. 

  • Can live up to 20 years in captivity.