Sweet Snow White Toffee

ADGA D2084496
AGS D-102508

S: Farm Oldesouth Lustful Warrior *B 
D: Sinai Thunder Z Double Portion 3*M 3*D AR
SS: CH Gypsy Moon WP Warparty +B
SD: SGCH  Farm Oldesouth Blu Hot Passion 3*M AR
DS: Fields of Grace PT Zion's King *B
DD: Sinai Thunder O Double Dipp'n 2*M 2*D

DOB 03/06/2020

Blue Eyes, Disbudded


Milk Test


Currently on Milk Test. As of 02/22/2021- 06/07/2021...

Milk: 266, Fat: 16, Pro: 9

Past Breedings


Waylon x Toffee - Kidded 1 Buck 1 Doe 02/20/2021

-Hastings Herds N8 Doe (Blue Eyes

-Hastings Herds N9 Wether (Blue Eyes)