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Chicks With Goats Tulip

ADGA D1957069

AGS D-96780
S: Open Hands Farm Totes McGoats
D: Beau Chevre Elsa
SS: Agape Oaks FC Miracle +B
SD: Agape Oaks REM Dazzling Dixie
DS: Flat Rock's Starbuck
DD: TYNY Caramel

DOB 04/06/2018
Brown Eyes, Disbudded

Past Breedings


Jackson x Tulip - Kidded 1 Buck 3 Does 02/14/2021

-Hastings Herds N1 DOA

-Hastings Herds N2 Wether (Polled,Brown Eyes)

-Hastings Herds N3 DOA

-Hastings Herds N4 Doe (Blue Eyes


Jackson x Tulip - Kidded 4 Does 01/28/2020

-Hastings Herds Doe M1 (Brown Eyes)
-Hastings Herds Doe M2 (
Polled, Brown Eyes)

-Hastings Herds Doe M3 (Brown Eyes)

-Hastings Herds Daisy (Polled, Blue Eyes) RETAINED


Clapton x Tulip - Kidded 2 Does 03/18/2019
-Hastings Herds Elsa (
Blue Eyes)
-Hastings Herds Anna (
Brown Eyes)

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